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Hire The Best Carpet Cleaner

Regularly cleaned carpets look better and last longer as compared to the carpets that are rarely cleaned. Cleaning removes the dust and oil from the carpets. However, most of us clean our carpets daily with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

Vacuuming carpet is a regular practice in Auckland, New Zealand. Many of us clean the carpet to increase its life and appearance. However, carpet cleaning by a typical vacuum cleaner is not sufficient.

Furthermore, regular vacuum cleaning of carpet might not do the job properly as unwanted pet hair, fluff, and dust might remain even after your cleaning efforts. Although, professional carpet cleaning services can clean the carpet’s inbuilt dirt and stubborn stains. 

Whether you are a house owner or professional carpet cleaner, you need more than vacuum cleaning to clean your carpet to enhance the ambience of your home and maintain health. If you own a carpet, you need Boxxer 318HP-high pressure in your life. It’s a carpet cleaning Auckland based machine, designed to tackle light commercial and residential cleaning without making a huge investment. 

Professional Cleaning

When was the last time you deeply sanitized and cleaned your carpet? If you don’t remember then surely, it’s been too long. Carpets should be cleaned after every six months and even sooner than this if they encounter daily high-level dust particles.

Many homeowners neglect the idea of paying for professional carpet cleaning when they can buy a vacuum cleaner at lower prices from a departmental store and do carpet cleaning by themselves.  But the fact is DIY cleaning cannot override the benefits of professional carpet cleaning.  

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner or buying a professional carpet cleaning machine has many advantages that DIY cleaning or vacuum cleaner doesn’t have. Save yourself from frustrating and labor-intensive carpet cleaning by hiring a professional carpet cleaner in Auckland. 

Professional carpet cleaners in Auckland look at the foot traffic on carpet, materials, amount of dirt, wear and tear; in short, overall condition of the carpet before executing the cleaning process. This information is required to decide which appropriate cleaning method, material, and equipment should be used and how to apply the chosen method effectively.

If you don’t want to hire a professional carpet cleaner, you can rely on a Boxxer 318HP-high pressure carpet cleaning Auckland machine entirely in the comfort of your home. This machine has a maintenance-friendly design and glass sight to check the level of oils. This carpet cleaning machine can effectively handle both residential as well as commercial cleaning jobs. 

Carpet Cleaning Services

Below mentioned are some of the carpet cleaning services which are widely offered in Auckland.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry cleaning is one of the most known methods used in carpet cleaning. It is a practical, time-saving and reliable process, and it doesn’t need time for drying. This dry technique has no usage of water, and therefore, this cleaning method is widely used in the winter season. The dry-cleaning solution used in this professional service removes the deep-rooted dirt and stains from the carpet, leaving them fresh as new.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

This carpet cleaning Auckland technique is famous among New Zealanders.  In this carpet cleaning technique, high temperature and high-pressure water is used to dissolve the dust and convulse the fibres in the carpet. Service providers use high-end equipment like Boxxer 318HP-high pressureto clean the carpets, and then the carpet is left to dry. Note, no rinsing is involved in steam carpet cleaning.

Shampoo Carpet Cleaning

This technique is commonly used in carpet cleaning Auckland. It’s the most traditional and authentic method which can remove all the soil, dirt, dust and germs from the carpet. Its best for eliminating heavy dirt from the carpet. Professional carpet cleaners first apply the cleaning shampoo on the carpet and then use the moisture brush to scrub off all dirt. After this, the carpet is vacuumed deeply to remove leftover foam and soil.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

The hotels and companies widely use this method because it washes the carpets without disturbing the guests and clients. In this method, cleaning equipment is used along with an absorber pad dipped in cleaning chemicals to spruce up the outer layer of the carpet fibers. This carpet cleaning Auckland procedure can be used to absorb grime, soil, dust, and dirt from the upper layer of the rug and carpets. 

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning has numerous advantages ranging from improving the appearance of your carpet, maintaining health, to increasing the longevity of your carpet. Needless to say, professional carpet cleaning Auckland services can offer even more!

Increases the Life of Carpet

One highlighted benefit of a professional carpet cleaning is that it expands the life of your carpet. With the time, dust, dirt, allergens and other debris penetrate in the carpet which can cause the fibres to deteriorate and split. In Professional carpet cleaning Auckland procedure, professionals use hot water extraction effectively to remove the dirt from the fibres deeply, and then the result is sanitized and properly cleaned carpet.

Removes Carpet Stains

Vacuum cleaning is easy as compared to professional carpet cleaning. Unfortunately, vacuuming only removes the dirt from the surface of the carpet. Therefore, all the stains and debris remain embedded on the fibres of the carpet until they receive professional treatment. Professional carpet cleaning Auckland can eliminate stains of coffee, ink, juice and other staining things from your carpet with their effective carpet cleaning techniques.

Makes Environment Healthy

Dust and soil can trap in the fibres of your carpet and can find their way to the air where they can cause respiratory problems, allergies and other health issues. The hot water method used by the professional carpet cleaning professionals Auckland can kill off the bacteria and leaves the carpet surface thoroughly sanitized.

Creates Beautiful Appearance of House

If you don’t clean the carpet within a year, it can give an outdated and dirty look to your house. Professional cleaning of the carpet can not only remove the debris from fibres, but it can improve the appearance of the home.

To get the benefits of carpet cleaning Auckland, you can use a Boxxer 318HP-high pressure, which is a professional cleaning machine that has twice the power as compared to the regular vacuum cleaner.

Wrap Up


Every day your carpet has to experience dirt and more wear and tear as compared to other furnishings in your home. To keep your carpet free from dirt and bacteria, you need to clean it in every six to twelve months.

Though we usually link carpets with luxury and beauty, they are associated with our health as well. By keeping our carpet cleaned and maintained, we can contribute to a healthier environment and increase the longevity of the carpet.

You can get the carpet cleaning Auckland services at home. Besides, you can consider this water damage restoration Boxxer 318HP-high pressure machine to get your expensive carpet cleaned professionally. Now you don’t have to bear ineffective performance to get an affordable machine!