Fabric Protection






What is Fabric Protection

Fabric protection is a treatment intended to prevent pollutants from affecting the fabric on your furniture. These pollutants may be in the form of liquids, dust, oil and other types of unwanted particles that can be absorbed into the fibre of the cloth.

The benefits of protecting fabric are undoubtedly beyond the comprehension of a common man. It makes the cleaning of your furniture much easier and faster. Frequently used areas of the building, such as family quarters, corridors and dining rooms clean up much better than if they had no previous fabric protection. The goal is to block out sunlight as it leads to your rugs, upholstery and carpets fading. All good quality protective treatment initially has an odour while it’s still fresh and dry. With fabric protection on, even if you end up spilling something, you are at a much better place than before as there is a protective layer that gives you enough time to clean the furniture before it absorbs the liquid.

Furthermore, fabric protection helps vacuum cleaner to suck dust particles, pollen and allergens easily. This makes cleaning a less tedious task and can be done consistently to keep your upholstery protected. Considering the kind of benefits fabric protection has to offer, it is highly advisable to get it done from a professional and who better than Jae services to guarantee high-end services. They have a friendly attitude staff member who accommodates you to experience great convenience and comfort. At Car And Castle, we are committed to providing you with premium quality fabric protection to ensure longer life of your furniture. Oil can be very hard to clean, and attempting to remove the stains violently can result in damage beyond repair. Leave it to the experts at Car And Castle Services who know the procedure to remove stains from fabric without causing any damage.

Many people consider buying furniture like an investment in their standard of living. Thus, it is equally vital to keep such assets secured from as much depreciation as possible, especially when it can be controlled. Fabric protectors help keep your investment in the furniture secure, and the extended utilization of it results in satisfied consumers. It is almost a necessity for those settled in urban areas, to get all their furniture fabric protected as traffic pollution and dust are the main destructive factors that ruin the life expectancy of your furniture.

Fabric protection is ideal for both commercial and domestic, upholstery, rugs, carpet and other fibres. Some of the most common public places where fabric protection is mostly used include cinema, restaurant, hotels, car seats and nursing homes. The simple principle in respect of fabric feasibility is that if the fabric is “Water Cleanable”, then it is safe to cover with a fabric protector centred on water. It is typically safer to use a solvent dependent protector where fabrics are “Dry Clean Only”. This smears to various cotton, fragile fibres, etc. Due to their unsafe existence and possible hazards for those concerned, we do not use solvent-based fabric protectors.


Does Fabric Protection Fade The Couch?

To begin with, understanding the reasons behind a couch fading, it is essential to note other elements such as the material of the fabric. Mostly high-end materials like silk and linen that are not mixed with any other material tend to fade faster as compared to those combined with nylon, acrylic and polyester.
Modern families and many elites today prefer adding class to their home living décor by getting a leather couch. What troubles them is the fading of it that occurs eventually. The reason leather couches may fade is because of direct exposure to sunlight. This is why many people prefer to keep their living room blinds down. Supporting science that doesn’t approve of humans denying their vitamins, fabric protection acts as a mediator that allows a couch to be exposed to sun rays without fading as consequences.

Therefore, it is deduced that fabric protection is a crucial component to prevent the fading of a couch rather than causing it. If one wishes to avoid his/her couch from getting faded, it is highly recommended to consider getting fabric protection done.


How Long Does Fabric Protection Last?

Generally, people tend to be careful around new furniture and tend to act civilized as they use it. However, over time they may lose interest in it as the shine starts to wear off. Eventually, it all comes to a point where kids are allowed to eat on it and stains are left uncleaned that ruin the look and feel of your furniture.

If precautions are taken with full commitment, and furniture is well maintained without any marks or scratches, the furniture will stay protected for a longer period than ultimately improves its overall life. While it also depends on the quality of the fabric protector one chooses, Fabric protection typically lasts for 5 years in most cases, if done properly. There are many types of variants available in the open market, but Car And Castle Services is devoted to using only quality fabric protectors that last longer and have great strength in keeping your furniture’s’ fabric protected.


Does Fabric Protection Make UV Protected?

To find an accurate answer to this, it is important to understand the ideology behind UV protection. With fabric protection on, there is a layer of shield that prevents any harmful sun rays from passing through your furniture. It keeps your furniture protected in times when exposed directly to the sun. Therefore, it is correct to say that the fabric protection coating does provide UV protection and helps in extending the lifespan of your furniture.

After reviewing the process and potential benefits of fabric protection, it is clear that it is an essential part of maintaining your furniture and giving it an appealing look that it deserves. Get true value for money and keep your furniture as good as new for years to come, with premium quality fabric protectors that must only be acquired from the remarkable services at Car And Castle.