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We anticipate summer to come and have the best weather, but as we expect summer you know what anticipates invading our houses? Pests!

Insects are a big problem in the Auckland region. The infestation of insects and rodents is undoubtedly a threatening situation not only for health and hygiene but also it can cause huge damage both inside and outside your home sweet home. Do you want to get rid of cockroaches, ants, spiders, bedbugs, and other insects and rodents? If yes, fret not! Car and Castle’s pest control Auckland services are here to rescue you!


Cockroaches in the House

Being the most common pests, cockroaches can easily infest your home. And there is nothing more revolting than coming home and seeing cockroaches crawling on your plate, on the kitchen counter, and in your cupboards. This situation makes you want to turn back and go back to where you came from.

Cockroaches can contaminate your household items, food, and pass on different bacteria that may become a hazard to your health. And worst, they survive best to worst weather conditions, like they just don’t die! But don’t worry!

At Car And Castle, we have a solution for every cleaning needs. You can get rid of these unpleasant insects by availing of our pest control services.

Besides, being a householder who is fed up with pest infestation, you must take some preventative measures to keep cockroaches out of the house. To ensure this, you must act upon these preventative measures:

  • Clean your house regularly, specifically the kitchen area.
  • Clear out all the clutter in your house.
  • Repair and fix all plumbing issues.
  • Keep food dry and covered.
  • Dispose of garbage and waste.

Remedies to get rid of cockroaches:

The remedies that you can apply to ensure the prevention of cockroaches are:

    • Use roach traps
    • Roach baits
    • Insecticides
    • Home remedies

Liquid concentrated sprays

If your problems persist, you might want to call in professional pest control services to eradicate the cockroaches inside your home.


Bed Bug Treatment

What is worse than going on holiday to relax and upon returning home, you find bed bugs everywhere? Getting rid of bed bug infestation can be quite frustrating as they spread through your luggage, used clothing, couches, and bed linens. They also accumulate in mattresses, bed frames, and carpets. Since they are nocturnal creatures, they can easily find access to bite people at night as they feed on human blood and other warm-blooded animals.
Elimination of bed bugs can be quite difficult and challenging as they are quite resistant to several pesticides and hard to locate. And therefore, it is always a sensible idea to avail professional pest control service to treat bed bug infestation. At Car And Castle, we not only offer quality pest control services, but our experts also offer effective solutions to prevent their invasions. Some of the measures that you can follow to treat bed bugs include:

  • Clean all products that you suspect might contain bed bugs like your bedsheets, clothes and curtains with hot water and dry them on the highest setting.
  • Vacuum and brush out the mattress seams to get rid of the bedbugs, their eggs and dirt.
  • Get rid of all the trash, cardboard boxes and clutter from your house.
  • Other options include chemical treatment to get rid of bedbugs. Putting chemicals in your house for some hours will ensure the elimination of bedbugs.
  • To help you eradicate your bed bug problem, you can get professional help, if you reside in Auckland get our Pest Control Services.


Spraying for Spiders

Spiders are among the most feared pests that you might want to exterminate from your home. If spiders have infested your home and you want to get rid of these crawling critters, Car And Castle’s pest control Auckland service has got your back.
Auckland is home to different types of spider that may or may not be poisonous. Pest control in Auckland is a bit difficult because of the large population of pests in the area. Fortunately, you don’t need to share your cherished home with these spooky spiders as you can avail our pest control Auckland services. Our pest control experts possess specialized skills and use modern equipment to exterminate spiders from your house. Besides, to stop these scary spiders from entering your house, you need to take following preventive measures:

  • Deep clean your house and seal your doors and windows.
  • Clean your house from the outside, clear out the garden and shed to keep the spiders from entering inside.
  • Spiders can be repelled by putting spider repelling scents such as citrus scents, lavender scents or cinnamon scents.
  • Get rid of all the other insects residing in your house because the food source of spiders is insects; they attract the spiders in your home.
  • You can deter spiders by growing some plants in your house that include eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender. Their strong scent repels spiders.
  • Use spider sprays to get rid of spiders.


Rodent Control

When you think of rodents, the first thing you think of is giant rats. How to get rid of those scary giants? Rodents are the carriers of some serious human diseases as well as parasites such as ticks and fleas. Avail Car And Castle’s pest control Auckland service, as we specialize in deploying the state-of-the-art infestation techniques to control rats infestation in your home. Our experts make a thorough inspection of your home before tailoring rodent control solution. Also, our rodent control service providers are certified with NZQA and deploy pest control techniques that are safe to use in residential and commercial premises. In addition, you can follow these tips and tricks to get rid of these horrendous pests:

  • Get rid of everything that attracts the rodents
  • Keep track of the yard and grass, no overgrowth
  • Seal spaces that might work as doors
  • Use some store-bought bait and traps to get rid of them
  • Cut off their food source.
  • You can get professional help by calling pest control services.


Pest Control Services

Our pest control Auckland services include the removal of all kinds of pests from your homes that include:

  • Removal of rodents like rats, mice, etc.
  • Removal of spiders, poisonous and non-poisonous.
  • Removal of cockroaches
  • Removal of bed bugs from your homes

When you call our professionals:

They arrive at your home on time, properly dressed in a protective uniform to ensure the utmost care. Our pest control experts ask you all the relevant questions and inspect your house inside and outside from top to bottom. In addition, they give you accurate information about what they discover at your home, what services you might need to control the pest problems.

Car And Castle’s pest control experts will inform you of all the safety measures that would be needed and will prepare the house for the pest control services and fumigation. Once the process is completed, our professionals will inform you about a follow-up appointment to put an end to your pest problem, or they will instruct you about all the precautionary measures you should take to avoid similar circumstances in the future. We, at Car And Castle, provide the best quality pest control services that ensure the safety of your home and your family.


Pest Control West Auckland

If you want our pest control services in West Auckland, we can be your expert team!

Our experts are certified pest control technicians that are qualified to tackle the worst situations when it comes to pests. Our pest control team is efficient, punctual and always ready to acknowledge your queries, so, feel free to contact us. Whether it’s to answer your questions or to solve your pest control problems, call our pest control Auckland services to assist you and make you feel safe at home again.