Sofa Cleaning

We can take care of your furniture cleaning needs and help you protect and keep them looking at their best. We often do work for some of New Zealand’s largest furniture retailers so whether your Lounge Suites are made from leather, cotton or any other fabric we can clean it right.
Leather can be broken down into a range of grades and qualities and therefore so will the treatment required when looking after your favorite Lounge Suite. Our Leather Cleaners are qualified IICRC Leather Cleaning Technicians, meaning they can treat your leather in the best way to help you keep it looking at its best for longer.

We can also have experience in dealing with Linen, Silk, Cotton, Vicose and at range of other fabrics both in terms of the cleaning of existing furniture and the best fabric protectors to apply to your new lounge suites.

At Car and Castle we take the time to work with you to identify the right solutions so we can ensure the prolonged life, look and feel of your furnishings.