Stain Removal






Hire The Best Carpet Stain Cleaner

One of the most popular flooring preferences today is to get premium-quality carpeting done and replacing this huge investment just because of a stubborn stain can be disappointing. It gives your room the right amount of class and elegance that can help create the perfect ambiance. Whether for commercial or residential use, getting a carpet has many benefits for the owner.
It is equally important to do justice to your carpet and maintain it with adequate measures to ensure quality air in your surroundings. Hygiene plays a vital role in deciding the standards of your carpet cleaning. However, treating carpet stains is not just about covering up stains; instead, carpet stain cleaning should remove the stains completely from the fibres of the carpet.

Although it’s a personal choice, getting a professional carpet cleaning service to clean your home or office carpet is the right thing to do! It allows a carpet owner to ensure longer life of the carpet and truly get value for money.


Pet Pee Stains on Carpet

Many carpet owners face the issue of cleaning stubborn stains of their pet pee. With pets in the house, undoubtedly an individual has to stay on their tiptoes and cannot leave their pet unattended, especially if they are not trained to pee appropriately. Understanding the containments in an animal’s urine and the horrendous smell of pet pee, it is necessary to get rid of it within 12 hours. Car And Castle offers right carpet cleaning services to carpet owners who own a pet too. Professional carpet cleaners Auckland use a combination of highly durable chemicals that fight alkaline salts and alkaline stains.


Coffee Stain on Carpet

As you sip that perfect morning coffee of yours to start fresh with utmost caffeine energy, dropping a few drops on the carpet can make things difficult for you at the last moment. Considering you have to leave for work, it can be quite tricky to clean coffee stains from your much adored and expensive carpet. People come up with all sort of solutions for cleaning such as soaking the stain in a cloth, using beer or even cold water to get rid of coffee stains. However, there is always a light impression of the coffee stain that is often left behind. In such times of need, Car And Castle is indeed your to-go carpet cleaning service provider that uses high-end Boxxer 318HP machinery to ensure no sign of a coffee mark remains on your huge investment.


Mattress Stain Removal

The great thing about using Boxxer 318HP machinery is that its use is not just limited to the carpet. You can also get different sorts of stains removed from your mattress. The functionality of its cleaning process can be applied to a mattress as the hot water pressure makes it almost impossible for dirt to stay settled in.

This efficient stain cleaning machine ensures deep cleaning throughout the mattress fabric and removes different stains like a urine stain. Dedicated to providing undisturbed sleep, Car And Castle gives you the privilege to deal with your child’s bedwetting issues without being worried about the cleaning of the mattress. The powerful suction of this carpet cleaning machine also ensures that your carpet or mattress is completely dried and ready to be used.


Carpet Stains

Even those who claim to be quite particular about maintaining their carpets, it is likely to observe variances in the condition of a carpet over time. There comes an overall layer of dirt along with spots that require special attention. When it comes to carpet cleaning Auckland, Jae is one reputable carpet cleaners in town that portrays brilliance in outperforming the customer’s expectation. They prioritize on focusing more on the prominent stain spots. Often people complain to face different allergies after they got carpeting down. A reason behind all the sinus issues may be the unhygienic standards of maintaining the carpets. It is, therefore, essential for you to get a complete professional carpet stain cleaning package, every 6 to 12 months to ensure consistency in your clean carpet. As a result, you will notice better quality air.


Red Wine on Carpet

If you are a person who loves celebrating the holiday season with his/her loved ones, you are likely to arrange or go to parties. While hosting a party at your home or going to holiday parties can be a treat that you give yourself, there is a possibility of red wine spills on your most cherished and expensive carpet. Red wine stains on the carpet can be a scary moment as they can be tricky to get rid of. But fret not! Professional carpet stain cleaning Auckland service offered at Car And Castle can give you peace of mind.

Our carpet cleaning experts know exactly which cleaning treatment red wine stain deserves. We ensure an efficient technique to get the red wine off your carpet by using minimal cleaning chemicals without damaging the quality of your carpet’s material. Interestingly, our professional carpet cleaners make use of Boxxer 318hp – High Pressure that keeps the hot water flowing within the temperature range of 180-210°F and at higher pressures. This enables them to leverage its high cleaning power of hot water while reducing the usage of harsh chemicals.


Remove Blood from Carpet

Sometimes, your life may get chaotic and untidy, especially when you have children or pets at your home. Bloody stains can leave a tough stain on your expensive carpet, and you need to get rid of them faster.

At Car And Castle, we offer state-of-the-art carpet stain cleaning Auckland services. We specialize in providing assistance with stubborn stains like the blood that ruin the whole look of your carpet. Our professional carpet cleaners ensure that no bloodstains stay on your carpet, leaving you to feel miserable or embarrassed, explaining situations justifying the bloodstains. Bloodstains are quite hard to remove, which is why often Car And Castle’s team members repeat a process until they are satisfied with the final result.



All in all, if you wish to improve your carpet’s appearance along with its life, carpet stain cleaning solutions given by Car And Castle are the ideal measures to be taken for reconditioning your carpet. They have been in the market long enough to be able to analyze different approaches for better results. Set the perfect mood and feel for your house with a highly recommended brand that provides you with the ultimate clean carpets, free from any sorts of stains!