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Hire The Best Upholstery Cleaner

Do you feel the constant need to check the cleanliness of your house? The germs and mites that live inside the upholstery can be dangerous, especially if you live with children and pets in a household. Unclean upholstery is often the cause of low air quality in a house and can lead to asthma, allergies and sore throats, specifically in your kids. Therefore, if you live in Auckland, it is crucial to ensure that your upholstery is cleaned regularly, improving your quality of life.

If you desire to avail of professional upholstery cleaning services in Auckland, then Car And Castle’s upholstery cleaning service is all that you need! Our team of professional cleaners are highly knowledgeable, skilled, trained, and committed to using effective cleaning materials and methods measures to offer to outclass results in terms of cleanliness. Expect your couch and furniture to have a fresh look as we devote all of our efforts in bringing out its original crisp look.

Our upholstery cleaning techniques are new, and machinery is top of the line. We use a Boxxer 318HP high-pressure cleaning machine that comes with a pump clutch. With an integrated shut-off valve, the chemical solution pump is made of stainless steel to cope with the higher pressures usually associated with rough surface cleaning. Secondly, to endure the rigors of continuous high-pressure cleaning applications, a specially designed heater coil is used. The Boxxer 318HP offers you pressure washing features with the powerful 3006 Competitor SL Vacuum Blower that gives you waste water recovery capabilities. We offer the following services in upholstery cleaning in Auckland.

Sofa Cleaning

If you have an expensive sofa that has lost all its charm over time, getting sofa cleaning is definitely the right choice for you, to enjoy its beauty once again. To minimize chemical use in upholstery cleaning Auckland, this machine keeps the hot water running at 180-210 °F and sometimes even at higher pressures. This helps you benefit from the high cleaning power of hot water to clean dirt from your sofa. Often kids and guests eat while sitting on your sofa and might spill the foods and drinks that leave tough stains. As a result, your sofa may lose its spotlessness while leaving a strange smell, ruining the aura of your entire living room. Modern problems require modern solutions, hire a team of professionals, and get an easy way out.


Couch Cleaning

Even after countless efforts, many still fail to remove prominent stains that are visible to the human eye. Having a team of professional cleaners to look at it can be a great learning experience to educate yourself where you are lacking. From fabric to leather, irrespective of your couch material, Car And Castle cleaning services have an adequate cleaning plan for all. Just like an individual’s personality is highlighted, and beauty is enhanced after an extensive shower, your couch is also as good as new after being cleaned. The aim is to stop its further deterioration and preserve its cushions comfortable feel. Have your couch complement the rest of your furniture with a fresh look and great aesthetic appeal!


Furniture Cleaning

It’s a known fact that when you take good care of your belongings, they are bound to have a longer life span. Like any other possession, our furniture is also an essential part of our assets that must be taken care of. Often dust, body oil stains, cutlery rings, and other wear and tear damages leave our furniture in an unpresentable condition, and one must remember how their house is a reflection of their persona. With our upholstery cleaning services in Auckland, we can help you get rid of all these stains in no time and provides you with enhanced color and texture for your furniture. Our professional cleaners know the method of reviving the gentleness and suppleness of your expensive leather furniture. Since your home is equipped with furniture made of a specific fabric, we treat your upholstery with the safest and deepest cleaning methods and state-of-the-art cleaning equipment like Boxxer 318hp.


Upholstery Steam Cleaning

Many people choose to get their upholstery steam cleaned as it does not require any chemical or detergents to clean stains. It merely uses the heat produced from the steam to make the dirt humid, and the filth is absorbed. As it can achieve high pressure and a high temperature enough to destroy germs and bacteria, steam cleaners can serve as disinfectants. This functions as natural disinfection and is useful for a family of children and pets. Frequent Upholstery Steam Cleaning can also eliminate bed bugs and control dust mites. Therefore, getting steam cleaning done for your mattress is an essential part of maintaining it, and it assures you a long night of great sleep.
Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
One of the most common trends in many households is to get carpet flooring done as it adds glamour and eye-catching appeal to any room or vicinity. Getting professional cleaning services from Car And Castle for your upholstery cleaning means that one has signed up for the best kind of services in town.
Imagine the freshness of coming home to a clean carpet. Having a clean carpet means that you contribute to quality air to breathe while encouraging a healthier and safer environment. Give your carpet a brand-new look it deserves and get rid of all the disgusting stains such as pet urine, coffee spill or dirt from shoes. It’s no secret that having a consistent maintenance cost is far better than buying new assets as that would be a higher one-time investment in comparison to the running expenses.


Final Thoughts

In the end, it all comes down to your personal preferences, for some people maintaining cleanliness in their surrounding environment is quite an essential element of their living standards. At the same time, for many, it is something they can live without. Nonetheless, the advantage of hiring the best Upholstery Cleaning services in Auckland are far greater and cannot be ignored by those who value the quality of life. Keeping the furniture and household clean sets the perfect impression on your guests and makes your house the ideal place to stay in and enjoy indoor. So, what are you waiting for? Book yourself an appointment today and get rid of all the hygiene problems!